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STU Flash, 10 December 2020

Malaise in the Security and Safety Service

10 December 2020

Dear colleagues,

Because no Sector is immune, we would like today to draw your attention to the current tense situation within the Security and Safety Service at Headquarters in our Organization.

Indeed, under the guise of the sanitary situation, a new work organization, presented as "exceptional", was put in place in November and December 2020. It worsens the working conditions of our colleagues, the security agents, and puts their health at risk, because there are more security agents at their posts at the same time. It also affects the balance between their private and professional life, to which the Administration purports to be committed.

The Administration's clear determination to perpetuate this work organization from 1st January 2021, without consultation of the staff associations and disregarding all the rules enacted by the Human Resources Manual and the Director-General's instructions, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, there is a noxious atmosphere within this Service, maintained by the disrespectful and contemptuous behavior of a superior appointed at the end of 2019, who also took the liberty to threaten the President of a representative association of the staff, accusing him of having the attitude of a member of a mafia structure. This person claims to have the endorsement of the Director-General, who would approve the reforms implemented.

On November 12, we asked for an appointment with the Director-General to alert her on the matter. A month later, we are still waiting for a response. We hope not to have to wait a year and a half, like the last time we wanted to meet her.

Best regards,

The President of STU.