How to join STU

Payment Procedure

Colleagues who work at Headquarters and wish to pay by salary deduction need simply to fill in the membership form, send it by e-mail or internal mail to the Secretariat of STU. The membership application is then complete.

Those who prefer to pay by cheque need to send both form and cheque by internal mail. You may also come and see us with your duly completed form, and we will immediately issue your annual membership card.

Colleagues from the field need to fill in, sign and send the form to the Secretariat of STU by e-mail ( or pouch, in order to complete the membership application.

As soon as the form is received, we will prepare your annual membership card and send it by internal mail to the colleagues at Headquarters and by pouch to the colleagues in the field.


Membership dues: Headquarters [PDF] - Field [PDF]




  • All interns at Headquarters may enjoy facilities granted to STU members without joining the union for the duration of their internship (on presentation of supporting documents).
  • Civil servants working part-time may pay half of the membership dues.