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STU Flash, 13 December 2019

Staff Rights: Decisions of the General Conference

STU/68th Council/19/026
13 December 2019


Dear colleagues,

At the close of the General Conference, the STU would like to thank the Member States for adopting an increased budget for the first time in many years. We hope this will improve the staff’s situation through promoting career development and training.

At the same time, as the mobility policy has been put on pause, we renew our wish for well-managed, reassuring and motivating mobility based on transparent criteria and a faire and clear procedure for all, Headquarters and Field, in the interest of the Organization and its mandate. We will therefore be very attentive to the progress and the outcome of the evaluation conducted by IOS.

We take note with satisfaction that the General Conference has adopted the revised Statutes of the Appeals Board which reflect most of our comments, in particular, the maintenance of a 5-member composition and the obligation to hold a session of the Appeals Board within the 6 months following the receipt of the Administration’s response.

As for the classification policy, it remains unchanged. As a result, the right of staff members to apply for post reclassification directly to the Director-General is maintained.

We remain vigilant of course because there is still much to do. You can count on the STU to defend your rights, whether collectively or individually, whatever your duty station. We invite you to share with us your comments and opinions at any time.

Best regards,

The STU Council.