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STU Flash, 18 July 2019

Staff Rights : Mobility

STU/68th Council/19/012
18 July 2019


Dear colleagues,

Last week, colleagues concerned by the Geographical Mobility Programme received notification of their reassignment or continuation in their current post.

For some colleagues, this mobility exercise is the only opportunity to change responsibilities after many years of stagnation in the same post. Other colleagues are surprised, and even disappointed, by the decision taken.

We therefore invite all our colleagues to share with the STU their reaction to their reassignment or continuation in post, as well as suggestions for the improvement of the geographical mobility policy.

Colleagues who feel and can prove that their right to due process and fair treatment has been violated can receive, upon request, legal assistance from the STU through a complaint procedure.

In the current context, we wish to underscore that the Administration has repeatedly told the staff associations that, within the framework of this exercise, nobody will be forced to undergo mobility. We trust that the Administration will honour its commitments and we will work to ensure that this promise is kept.

Best regards,

The STU Council.