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STU Flash, 11 June 2019

Mobility: we can help you

STU/68th Council/19/011
11 June 2019


Dear colleagues,

As you know already, the STU asked last April for the suspension of the mobility policy. In the absence of a response from the Administration, we wrote to the Director-General on 22 May to warn her that the implementation of this policy had been established on very shaky foundations (i.e. a lack of clearly defined criteria and career development opportunities, in particular). We also called for a review of the current procedure and for a space for reflection with the staff associations on all staff policies of the Organization. On 5 June, we received an invitation from DIR/HRM to participate in the Mobility review panel, whose mandate it is to study the reallocation proposals made by Sectors/Offices for P posts from P-1 to P-4.

Today, we ask concerned and worried colleagues to share with us information and documents that will enable us to help them. Contact us on by Wednesday, 19 June. Of course, we guarantee anonymity: at no point will the Administration know that you have contacted us.

Best regards,

The STU Council.