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STU Flash, 10 April 2019

STU Addendum to document 206 EX/5 Part II F: UNESCO's Strategic Transformation

STU/68th Council/19/007
10 April 2019


206 EX/5: Follow-up to decisions and resolutions adopted by the Executive Board
and the General Conference at their previous sessions

Part II.F – Management Issues


UNESCO’s Strategic Transformation




The STU notes the progress reported in document 206 EX/5.II.F and the recognized essential role of UNESCO’s staff as one of the Organization’s main resource in terms of knowledge and expertise for a successful Strategic Transformation.

The STU further acknowledges the efforts of the Deputy Director-General and of the Transformation Support Unit for organizing meetings with the different working groups’ co-leaders.

Nevertheless, the STU cannot qualify these exchanges as a “frequent and regular dialogue with the working groups”: STU was not given the opportunity to provide feedback on specific issues as the only meeting held with each of the working groups was used to present their general findings and updates.

As the Strategic Transformation moves from an analysis phase to an action phase, the STU expresses its concern on the adoption of human resources policies which are not respectful of UNESCO’s staff specialized expertise and that are not conducive to a proper staff career management and planning.


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