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STU Flash, 20 December 2018

Managed Mobility Programme

STU/68th Council/18/018
20 December 2018


Dear colleagues,

Following the publication of the administrative circular AC/HR/65 on the Managed Mobility Programme, the STU regrets that its comments have once more been ignored by HRM.

Therefore, we are asking again:

  • that a list of clear and unbiased criteria be established and published. Failing that, ADGs in their decisions will be suspected of wanting to reward or punish colleagues. A scoring system depending on the number, duration and duty station of experience in the Field could also be considered, in line with this list of criteria.

  • that the role of HRM be clarified. Providing recommendations or advice is not enough: HRM must be able to stimulate and monitor the process.

Furthermore, the STU regrets it has not been invited to ACPP meetings on the subject, in contradiction with Chapter 9.3 of the Human Resources Manual.

Best regards,

The STU Council.