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STU Flash, 10 October 2018

STU Addendum to document 205 EX/5 Part III D: UNESCO's Strategic Transformation

STU/68th Council/18/016
10 October 2018


205 EX/5: Follow-up to decisions and resolutions adopted by the Executive Board
and the General Conference at their previous sessions

Part III.D – Management Issues


UNESCO’s Strategic Transformation




The UNESCO Staff Union (STU) is paying close attention to the new reform of our Organization.

The Director-General wishes to "[encourage] staff commitment and engagement". We consider it essential that STU be directly involved in this process and that its role therein be officially defined and established. The Union’s participation in and contribution to the process would serve as a guarantee of transparency and fairness for all staff members.

To that end, the Union requests that an STU observer participate in all thematic group meetings concerning human resources.

STU also requests more detailed information on the selection methodology used with regard to the support unit and thematic groups. What criteria were applied in the appointment of candidates? Was geographical distribution taken into account? The principle of “the right person in the right job” ensures effectiveness by guaranteeing that each person in each programme has been recruited in accordance with his or her field of competence. Has this principle been applied? What role has the Bureau of Human Resources Management (HRM) played in the selection process?

STU considers that the involvement of staff associations, which bring valuable experience and institutional memory to the table, can only enhance the strategic transformation process, which is so important to the future of our Organization.


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